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Supporting the safe growth of the hydrogen industry.

As efforts to decarbonize greater parts of the economy intensify, the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier is expected to accelerate. This means that it will be produced, transported, stored and utilized at a greater scale and in other settings than in the past. As a combustible gas, management of the fire and explosion hazards associated with hydrogen is crucial to its successful deployment.

InterDam has extensive experience with light-weight architectural solutions for jet fires, blast resistance and blast relief and growing experience with hydrogen projects specifically.
For hydrogen production installations InterDam has supplied fire resistant and blast relief architectural items. As an example, InterDam has provided 2 hours (UL/EI/Cellulosic) fire rated walls, roofs, doors and windows, including 6,5 kPa blast rating and a pressure vent at 20 PSF (957 N/m2) for part of an insulated wall system.

Contact InterDam today to discuss how we can help make your hydrogen project safer.

InterDam is able to assist with the detailed engineering of your full architectural scope, where explosion proof and blast relief/pressure vent systems are designed in concurrently with the fire and blast rated architectural items. Please contact our sales office at:

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The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 180 470030

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